Digital Strategy Execution

IT projects building on the latest technology can be hard to plan. Evangelists foster unrealistic expectations and few people have practical experience. We will draw up a detailed project- and execution plan for your digital projects, help you pick the best service provider for the job and take care of quality, auditing and testing. Don’t let your business vision fail because of bad programming.

Don't leave your strategy implementation to chance.

Don’t leave your strategy implementation to chance.

Project Definition and Planning

You know which assets, systems and initiatives are required to drive business success? We define your project from top to bottom. Includes a roadmap and milestones, as well as detailed requirements, like user story, feature description, implementation details and activities.

Project Management and Execution

Managing and coordinating technical people can be a challenge. We will coordinate the communication between your stakeholders and engineers, setup the tools required for great communication and moderate (translate) where needed.

Quality Assurance, Testing and Auditing

How do you assess the quality of a software product? It may look great on the outside, but carry costly technical debt on the inside. We will audit the code of your software project and future-proof it for future maintenance and expansion.

HR, Outsourcing and Offshoring

Not all the expertise can be found in-house. Hiring the best available expert in the field will lower cost and provide better quality. We will help you find and screen the greatest service providers to get the job done.

New clients will get a free initial assessment and up to three consulting hours for free. If you're not satisfied with our work, we'll gladly refund you.

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