Hosting Services

Our hosting services aim to give you peace of mind by including required tasks, like security updates, monitoring and backups.

Managed Servers

For larger- or high-value projects, we recommend a dedicated physical or virtual server. This means the server is not shared with other websites and you have full control over the environment. A managed server can be best for custom optimizations or custom applications. Our managed server service includes:

  • Initial setup: Install and configure applications for your use.
  • Optimizations: Everyone loves a fast website. With a managed server, we can apply further optimizations to improve the loading time of your site.
  • Monitoring: We will monitor the server load and resource utilization 24/7, taking corrective action when needed.
  • Regular updates: We will keep the server up-to-date and secure with any minor and major updates.
  • Security: Any server installation is done following best practices with additional hardening measures applied.
  • Automated backups: Protect your valuable data and quickly restore if anything goes wrong.

Common uses: High-priority WordPress sites with custom optimizations, more complex or private web applications

Managed Containers

Containers are a novel approach of running applications in a repeatable way without managing every aspect of the underlying server: An application is packaged as container image and subsequently shares many resources with the host machine. This allows for quick updates and a reproducable environment.

Our container hosting service,, allows you to run the finest open source web applications with just a few clicks. Main features:

  • 3 geographic regions: Run your apps near you – Europe, United States and Asia (Hong Kong)
  • Updates and testing: Your apps will receive timely updates after we have tested them.
  • Monitoring: Your pods are monitored daily to ensure the best uptime and fix smaller issues pro-actively.
  • Support open source authors: Where possible, part of the revenue is shared with the original app authors to help them maintain their project for the benefit of everyone.

Common uses: Run applications that require specific dependencies, but not a dedicated server.

Backup Hosting

All-important data should be backed up locally and remotely to mitigate the full range of possible risks. We can develop custom backup workflows for your office NAS, client machines or server. Our public service already helps keep the data of thousands of users safe.

Common uses: Backup of servers or on-premise NAS, backup of workstations or notebooks

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is ideal for smaller projects or individual websites. Your website will be hosted on a shared server, making this the most economical option. Our service includes everything to keep your site running trouble-free:

  • Monitoring: Your site content is monitored 24/7 to identify issues before your visitors find out.
  • Security Updates: Your CMS software will get regular updates to keep up with improvements and security fixes.
  • Backups: Accidents happen. That’s why we keep daily backups of all sites.
  • Domain: We renew all related domains for you, so the domain won’t expire.
  • Encryption Certificates: We take care of issuing and renewing SSL certificates for your site.

Common uses: WordPress websites, PHP-based internal or external tools, like CRMs

Email Hosting and Spam Protection

Email is still an important communications tool for many companies. Our services in this space include:

  • IMAP- and Exchange-based mailboxes
  • Automatic setup for iOS, Outlook and Thunderbird on client devices
  • Archiving of all incoming and outgoing messages for compliance
  • Spam filtering and custom countermeasures
  • NextCloud hosting to share files, contacts and calendars

Common uses: Email for company domain, offshore mailbox


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