June 3, 2016

6 Sources of Strength for your Digital Strategy

Six practical ideas any business can use in their digital strategy to improve quality, performance and sales. Think like a software company, use a client-server model, leverage data and artificial intelligence, explore networks and discover new sales channels.

What is your company’s current digital strategy? Is it “good” or “bad” strategy? The sad truth is that many businesses have a “bad” strategy or no strategy at all. They mistake goals set by ivory-castle managers with strategy. They write down “fluffy” ideas, like holistic or synergy instead of building a coherent framework of actionable policies.

For digital strategy the picture is even bleaker. The current generation of managers often has a poor understanding of digital processes. They delegate to CTOs, who soon become frustrated by unrealistic expectations. IT projects run into huge delays or don’t perform as expected. This is the sad truth and the reason why the potential for digital transformation is not nearly exhausted. / continue reading