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June 17, 2016

Digital Strategy Example: Travel Insurance Industry

Example of using value elements and target groups to build a successful digital strategy in the travel insurance industry.

The travel- and insurance industry are both experiencing big shifts in consumer behavior and market structure. Companies selling travel insurance are affected by changes in both industries. Key trends in the travel industry include the demand for adventure travel and travel to remote and untouched locations, as well as fewer barriers to reach these destinations1. Millennial consumers are used to booking flights and hotels online, thus skipping traditional travel agencies. On the insurance side, more – especially standardized – contracts are sold online or via price comparison portals. Once again younger generations are driving this trend and teaching their parents. How can executives develop better insurance marketing strategies to take advantage of these new trends? / continue reading

May 30, 2016

Case Study: Digital Asset Management for Real Estate Agency

This case study teaches you how to inventory your digital assets and use your business objectives to identify the most critical points for improvement.

Modern businesses are excelling at managing most aspects of their operations. There is inventory management, asset management and receivables management. To name just a few. One area receiving less attention is the management of digital assets. This is surprising given the potential for cost savings and performance improvements well-aligned digital assets can provide. / continue reading